Due to COVID-19 when ordering flowers, we will be substituting with “florist choice bouquet,” “box arrangement,” and “ceramic arrangement” to the value so we can fulfil your order.
We are taking into account that, supplier availability due to restrictions in certain countries, specific flower types and packaging may not be available at the present time.
However, we will substitute accordingly with the best blooms of the day.


With Mother's day fast approaching and these still uncertain time's we want to assure you that it is business as usual for us!

We urge anyone experiencing symptoms of sore throat, coughing/sneezing, temperatures to avoid visiting us instore.

Instead you can take advantage of our online store and delivery service - or give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

To ensure the safety of all staff and all efforts to not spread COVID-19, we will be requesting the phone number of all recipients to notify and inform then that their delivery will be left on their premise. We will be limiting contact between delivery staff and recipients.

If you are visiting us instore please be aware that we are not allowing more than 4 customers at any given time to be in the store.  

Please be assured that all our staff are highly aware of the situation and are following the recommended hygiene and cleaning practices

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Our Shop
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Our Shop - Individual Flower Gallery
Sample Flower Arrangements
cybidium orchids in a ceramic vase- From $20
Half a dosen red roses in a mini box- From $40
mini box in yellows and purples- From $35
Medium Box Arrangement of Red Antheriums, white lilies and orchids From $ 66.00
Tulip and orchid box- From $50.00
Modern arangement of  red roses and Leucadendron Safari Sunset- from $100
Sample Flower Design
Ceramic bowl arrangent of pinapples and antheriums- From $55
modern style arrangement in a square basket with crab claw, red antheriums and lotus leaves- From $80.00
Modern arrangement- From $60
vase arrangement of pink roses- From $95
Modern style arrangement of singapore ochid and pink roses- From $88.00
Large bright arrangement- From $80.00
green singapore orchid in a mini box- From $35.00
Singapore orchid box- From $35.00
Large box arrangement with pink roses, pink oriental lilies and blue iris From $90
mini box arrangement with yeaalow roses yellow lilies and orange gerberas from $45
modern style arrangement including waratahs, birds of paradice, crab claw and maluca balm from $85.00
Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Reception Flowers
Reception flowers at the willow
A table centre of white oriental lilies and white singapore orchids arranged in a tall glass vase
White singapore orchids in a tall cylinder vase a perfect table centre